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Palencia Tree Service, Inc is a company that specializes in tree work. But we are not limited to that field. Entrepreneurs that are based in Greenport, NY come to us for their commercial landscaping needs. So if you are wondering how we managed to earn their trust, you should pay close attention to what we say.


Tree Removal – We offer this service as part and parcel of landscaping. But we do not just cut any tree. We do this job if the tree is beyond saving or is already dead. This service is essential because a dead tree is unsightly. Thus, it can decrease your property’s curb appeal. Other than that, a dead tree can become the dwelling place of pests such as rats. So it becomes easy for them to attack your house.


Our first step would be to inspect the tree and the property. This has to be done because we need to identify the drop zone. There is also a need to see the tree itself so that we can determine if we can still do something to save it. As a tree maintenance and care expert, we have the knowledge to rescue dying trees. If we have ruled out the possibility of saving the tree, we can continue with the tree cutting project. Other than our protective gear, we would also need a chainsaw, ladder, rope, ax, and wedges. We would make three cuts, namely: the horizontal cut, the wedge cut, and the back cut.


Residential Landscaping – We also offer homeowners in the areas of our landscaping expertise. We would dedicate the same attention and focus on this residential projects as we would on our industrial jobs. So our first task would be to conduct a soil test. This step is crucial because it allows us to figure out how to proceed with the project. The information that we gather from the soil test will help us create a watering and fertilizer schedule.


Shrewd homeowners and entrepreneurs in Greenport, NY come to Palencia Tree Service, Inc for their gardening and landscaping needs. So if you want expert garden care, you should immediately call us at (631) 230-0042. We will do the rest. 


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