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What Is Needed to Perform Tree Trimming Safely?

Using the proper tree trimming tools is vital for successful trimming and the removal of trees. The equipment chosen will greatly depend on the kind of job being done. Trimming equipment will include safety harnesses, climbing ropes, chainsaws, a chipper and a pole saw.

Tree Trimming in Greenport, NY, 11944

In order to get a job done safely and correctly, a tree trimmer will need a good quality chainsaw. These are available in different sizes in order to accommodate small and large jobs. A small chainsaw is around 3.6 kg in weight and comes with a 35.56 cm 40.64 cm guide bar. These are used to remove limbs and performing trim work. However, the larger chainsaw can range 45.72 cm to 152.4 cm in bar size, and weigh around 7.25 kg. These are usually reserved for removing larger limbs and removing trees.

A pole saw is a small chainsaw which is placed upon an extension pole. This increases exponentially the trimmer’s reach up to 3.6 meters more. They are available in gas and electric models. They are quite lightweight, which means they can be used for extended periods of time without causing too much arm strain.

A chipper is needed to chip branches and bark sizes for resale. Chippers are available in 2 styles, these are for personal use or by a professional tree service. A personal chipper is smaller and more compact than its counterpart, which means it can be pulled by a truck for small jobs. A chip truck is generally used for industrial jobs, so the brush is chipped directly in the rear of a truck, this means it is easier to transport.

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