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Want to Know the Basics of Garden Maintenance?

Every homeowner that has a garden that they leave unattended will know what will happen. Weeds will start to pop up, insects move in, and plants will start to encroach on each other’s space. Which is why garden maintenance is vital to ensuring a garden is kept looking good, in material whether you have a flower, herb, or vegetable garden.

 Garden Maintenance in Greenport, NY, 11944

There are various aspects when it comes to maintaining a garden, all of which will depend on the kind of garden you have. However, the most basic one will be watering. Very few, if any,  gardens will survive solely on rainfall, which means a gardener needs to provide water. This is achieved in various ways, such as sprinkler systems, garden hoses, and even a watering can.

Also, the choice of equipment used depends on where the garden is located, and what plants it contains. When dealing with weeds, this also has several approaches which could be implemented. Such as manually pulling up the weeds as they begin to pop up, or alternately use mulch as this will prevent weeds growing, in addition to retaining moisture too. Mulch comes in a variety of materials like organic, plastic, rocks, and wood chips.

Speaking about mulch, this brings up the subject of soil treatment also. Buy a kit or send a sample off for testing, this will help to identify any factors such as high lead levels, or when extra nutrients are needed in order to grow specific plants. Should the latter be the case, fertilizer, and compost can be used to help with this.

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